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      Recombinant Human Interleukin-1 alpha protein(IL1A)

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      • 貨號:
      • 規格:
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      • 純度:
        >97% as determined by SDS-PAGE and HPLC.
      • 內毒素:
        Less than 1.0 EU/μg as determined by LAL method.
      • 生物活性:
        Fully biologically active when compared to standard. The ED50 as determined by a cell proliferation assay using murine D10S cells is less than 1.0 pg/ml, corresponding to a specific activity of >1.0x109 IU/mg.
      • 基因名:
      • Uniprot No.:
      • 別名:
        BAF; FAF; Hematopoietin 1; Hematopoietin-1; IL 1 alpha; IL 1A; IL-1 alpha; Il-1a; IL1 ALPHA; IL1; IL1A; IL1A_HUMAN; IL1F1; Interleukin 1 alpha; Interleukin-1 alpha; Interleukin1 alpha; LAF; LEM; Preinterleukin 1 alpha; Pro interleukin 1 alpha
      • 種屬:
        Homo sapiens (Human)
      • 蛋白長度:
        Full Length of Mature Protein
      • 來源:
      • 分子量:
        18.0 kDa
      • 表達區域:
      • 氨基酸序列
      • 蛋白標簽:
      • 產品提供形式:
        Liquid or Lyophilized powder
        Note: We will preferentially ship the format that we have in stock, however, if you have any special requirement for the format, please remark your requirement when placing the order, we will prepare according to your demand.
      • 緩沖液:
        0.2 μm filtered PBS, pH 7.4 ,lyophilized
      • 儲存條件:
        Store at -20°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
      • 保質期:
        The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
        Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
      • 貨期:
        5-10 business days
      • Datasheet & COA:
        Please contact us to get it.


      • 功能:
        Produced by activated macrophages, IL-1 stimulates thymocyte proliferation by inducing IL-2 release, B-cell maturation and proliferation, and fibroblast growth factor activity. IL-1 proteins are involved in the inflammatory response, being identified as endogenous pyrogens, and are reported to stimulate the release of prostaglandin and collagenase from synovial cells.
      • 基因功能參考文獻:
        1. Based on the available data, C/T genotype of the rs1800587 polymorphism within IL1A gene may be associated with an increased Graves' disease risk. PMID: 29879187
        2. IL-1 was positively related with increased BMI overweight and obesity PMID: 30070872
        3. IL-1alpha is detectable in the majority of patients with infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysms. PMID: 29456054
        4. Meta-analysis suggests that the IL-1B rs16944 polymorphism is a susceptibility risk factor for febrile seizures in Caucasian and Asian populations. The IL-1B rs1143627, IL-1B rs1143634, and IL-1A rs1800587 polymorphisms are not associated with febrile seizure risk. PMID: 29808330
        5. The IL-1b+3954 C/T polymorphism significantly increases RAS risk. In addition, the IL-10-1082 G/A polymorphism provided protective effects for RAS in the Asian population PMID: 29641282
        6. The single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of IL-1beta gene (rs3917356G>A) increased the risk of HCC in the recessive model (p<0.001, OR=2.58, 95% CI=1.53-4.33), whereas other SNPs in IL-1alpha and IL-1RA showed no significant association between Hepatocellular carcinoma patients and controls. PMID: 29802240
        7. our findings proposed an association between IL1A 4-bp ins/del polymorphism and risk of prostate cancer PMID: 29023981
        8. effect of IL-22 on Intestinal Epithelial Cells responses may not be in inducing CXCL8 by itself, but in enhancing TNF-alpha- and IL-1-induced CXCL8 secretion to augment the contribution of IECs to local inflammatory responses. PMID: 28656529
        9. Our pilot study demonstrated a correlation between the individual genetic inflammatory profile and the efficacy of the platelet rich plasma treatment in males PMID: 29228441
        10. the present study was intended to determine whether single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the IL-1 gene cluster are also associated with periodontal disease in a Linkage disequilibrium analysis PMID: 29577711
        11. No significant difference was seen in mRNA levels among different promoter genotype for IL1A in SCA3 patients vs. controls, except a previously reported higher level in those with the IL1A*T allele. These patients also showed an earlier age of onset than those homozygous for IL1A*C. PMID: 27246313
        12. Obesity was associated with higher expression of NILCO molecules (Notch-IL1-leptin) in type II endometrial cancer. PMID: 28659656
        13. This meta-analysis with 2,174 patients with chronic periodontitis and 1, 756 controls evidenced the -889 C/T polymorphism is associated to risk of development of chronic periodontitis with no significant value to heterogeneity to allelic evaluation PMID: 27918732
        14. through IL-1alpha production, airway epithelial cells induce a pro-inflammatory lung fibroblast phenotype that is further enhanced with cigarette smoke extract exposure in COPD, suggesting an aberrant epithelial-fibroblast interaction in COPD PMID: 27418555
        15. our study has described the association between rs3783550 (IL-1A), rs3783546 (IL-1A) and rs2853550 (IL-1B) and AS risk and between a new haplotype, "TCG", of rs3783550, rs3783546 and rs2853550 and AS in Chinese Han population. PMID: 28423679
        16. Unicystic Ameloblastoma patients with high IL-1alpha expression in the lesion responded better to marsupialization than those in whom the expression of the protein was low, and therefore show a greater reduction of the cystic space after marsupialization. PMID: 29419674
        17. In conclusion, the analyzed IL1A -889 C>T, IL1B +3954 C>T, and IL6 -174 G>C polymorphisms may be associated with the occurrence and development of human cytomegalovirus infection among studied patients. PMID: 28151075
        18. Lipid apheresis suppresses the expression of IL-1alpha, IL-6 and TNF-alpha mRNA in patients with dyslipidaemias. PMID: 29096839
        19. results suggest a role for prostatic expression of TGF-B, IL-1a, TGFBRI and TGFBRII as prognostic markers for prostate cancer. The rational combination of novel agents directed toward the inactivation of TGF-B, IL-1a, TGFBRI and TGFBRII could disrupt complementary tumor cell proliferation pathways. PMID: 27527810
        20. There were no significant differences in GE area of infertile and fertile women. C-C motif chemokine 11 (P=0.048), TGFalpha (P=0.049), IFNgamma (P=0.033) and interleukin-1 alpha (P=0.047) were significantly elevated in uterine lavage from infertile women <35years compared to fertile but not in women 35years PMID: 27525354
        21. The authors' findings suggest that IL-1a rs3783553 polymorphism may modulate the risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx recurrence in patients, particularly for patients with HPV16-positive tumors. PMID: 27121322
        22. IL-1alpha released from necrotic corneal epithelial cells may trigger inflammatory responses at the ocular surface, including cytokine production and barrier disruption. PMID: 28725984
        23. Based on current meta-analysis, we indicated that there is lack of association between the three SNPs of IL-1 and primary open-angle glaucoma. PMID: 29179746
        24. results showed that IL-1A -889C/T (rs1800587) was associated with systemic sclerosis susceptibility in the Chinese population PMID: 27098064
        25. Reconstitution of ST2 (IL-1R4) specific for IL-33 activity; no suppression by IL-1Ra though a common chain IL-1R3 (IL-1RAcP) shared with IL-1. PMID: 27031441
        26. A SNP in IL1A were associated with keratoconus in Chinese Han patients PMID: 26200829
        27. these findings highlight the interaction between IL-6 and IL-1alpha to generate an inflammatory microenvironment in driving (PSMA,PSA) prostate clones PMID: 27451139
        28. MSCs primed with IL-1alpha or IL-1beta showed increased secretion of G-CSF, which was blocked by IL-1Ra. PMID: 28412968
        29. rs3783553 ins/ins genotype may increase the susceptibility to ischemic stroke, possibly by interrupting the binding site of miR-122 and miR-378 PMID: 29145255
        30. The abnormalities in hormonal/biochemical parameters detected in Turkish polycystic ovary syndrome patients may be related with IL-6 gene polymorphism rather than IL-1A. PMID: 28019133
        31. Major D allele of IL-1A (I/D) gene polymorphism is associated with NAFLD in the Egyptian population PMID: 28627263
        32. Interleukin-1alpha induces release of interleukin-8 by human bronchial epithelial cells PMID: 28078769
        33. the results indicate prominent antagonistic effects of IL-1alpha on TGF-beta regulated interferon signaling, as well as on a wide variety of other genes and pathways in fibroblasts. PMID: 26629874
        34. IL1A polymorphism rs1800587 is associated with chronic pain in patients with sickle cell disease. PMID: 27883292
        35. Data indicate that interleukin 1alpha (IL-1alpha) propiece can activate NF-kappa B (NFkappaB) and Sp1 transcription factor (SP1). PMID: 28152513
        36. cytokines of the IL-1 family play an important role in homeostatic as well as "emergency" hematopoiesis and are involved in the pathogenesis of several myeloid and lymphoid hematological malignancies. PMID: 28483765
        37. These results suggest that IL-1alpha enhances the translocation of TRPA1 to the plasma membrane via the activation of Erk in A549. PMID: 28629997
        38. Single Nucleotide Variants of Candidate Genes in Aggrecan Metabolic Pathway Are Associated with Lumbar Disc Degeneration and Modic Changes PMID: 28081267
        39. Polymorphisms of Il1a were not significantly associated with bipolar I disorder in Iranian patients. PMID: 28129679
        40. This meta-analysis suggested that the IL-1alpha (+889C/T) polymorphism is significantly associated with risk of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration, especially in Caucasian populations. PMID: 27253397
        41. we show that IL-1 induces robust p38a activation both in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm/membrane.Following stimulation, p38a activity returns to a basal level in absence of receptor degradation. While nuclear pulse is controlled by MKP1 through a negative feedback to pp38, its basal activity is controlled by both TAB1 and MKP1 through a positive feedback loop. PMID: 27314954
        42. Key aspects of IL-1alpha biology and regulation, especially its emerging importance in the initiation and maintenance of inflammation that underlie the pathology of many human diseases, are reviewed. Review. PMID: 27434011
        43. This study demonstrates that the rs3783553 polymorphism may be involved in susceptibility to endometrial cancer. The II genotype seems to be a protective factor for endometrial cancer in Chinese Han women. PMID: 27136893
        44. Circulating Il1a levels were not altered in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. PMID: 27493109
        45. The IL-1alpha rs1800587 polymorphism demonstrated a significant association with the childhood type 1 diabetes mellitus risk. PMID: 27706611
        46. The percentage of the -889 promotor SNP was similar but not overlapping in all the groups: periodontal disease only (40.8%), PD plus rheumatoid arthritis (50.2%), and PD plus NIDDM (46%). PMID: 27655512
        47. this study shows that IL-1a gene variants are not associated with susceptibility to juvenile idiopathic arthritis in Iranian population PMID: 27717726
        48. IL1 and IL6 are important components of the tumor microenvironment, displaying multiple functions. These cytokines take part at all stages of oncogenesis: from initiation to tumor, invasion, and metastasis of already established malignant and mutant epithelial cells. [Review] PMID: 27260388
        49. IL-1genotype has no effect on Antibiotic Resistance on Helicobacter pylori Eradication. PMID: 27221874
        50. Genetic polymorphisms in the IL1A, IL1B, IL2 and IL6 genes are not genetic modulators of depression in a cohort of Polish subjects. PMID: 26934083



      • 亞細胞定位:
      • 蛋白家族:
        IL-1 family
      • 數據庫鏈接:

        HGNC: 5991

        OMIM: 147760

        KEGG: hsa:3552

        STRING: 9606.ENSP00000263339

        UniGene: Hs.1722